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Few things in life are more important or more personal than buying or selling your home – I understand that. That’s why I’m dedicated to making every transaction as comfortable as possible for you. Working with a full team of support staff allows me the time to be committed to your goals because I care about your needs.

Selling a home is one of life’s most challenging adventures. But with the right guide, someone who knows what’s really involved, selling a home can also be a totally rewarding experience.

Selling Process: The Basics

☑ Choose the right agent

☑ Set a fair price
– Use a Comparative Market Analysis

☑ Sign the Listing Agreement

☑ Prepare your home for prospective buyers
– Neat and clean and repaired or painted where necessary

☑ Agree on a Marketing Plan relevant to today’s market
– Advertise heavily where the buyers are – online 90% of all buyers use the Internet in their search process
– Hold an Open House

☑ Present all offers

☑ Negotiate the Selling Price

☑ Buyer Home Inspections

☑ Close the Deal

Home Staging Advice

It’s not long, so you need to make it count. Ideally, your home will impress and motivate a buyer to swiftly make an offer before it’s gone from the market.

I am dedicated to selling your property at the best price possible in the shortest amount of time. Home staging can help highlight your home’s best features, making it appeal to buyers’ senses and emotions. Following simple exterior and interior design ideas and home-improvement suggestions such as the ones found later in this presentation can maximize your home’s attractiveness and create a captivating first impression.

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